TENOVA, to make it easier for its suppliers to share the data and information needed to calculate embedded emissions within the CBAM, has created this dedicated free training platform where the supplier, once logged in using their credentials, will have access to:

  •  “CBAM at a glance” video, with a focus from supplier’s point of view (1h30m).
  • “CBAM Communication template for installations” guidance-video, to help with the filling out of the XLS template, with focus on how to enter data to generate the information needed by Tenova to prepare CBAM Quarterly Reports (1h).
  • Commented XLS template file, to facilitate the supplier during the phase of entering the data and information needed to calculate embedded emissions. [XLS commented]

    Once the training session is over, TENOVA provides its supplier with a follow-up session via Teams to answer any requests for further study and/or clarification from the supplier.

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